About the Orchestras

Bowie offers four Orchestra classes - Symphony, Philharmonic, Sinfonietta, and Camerata. Students must have at least one year of instruction at the Middle School level in violin, viola, cello or double bass. Every orchestra is ability based; there is a place for EVERYONE who wants to be a part of the Bowie Orchestra Program.


This class is made up primarily of sophomores and juniors who choose not to take the audition. This class looks to help students continue to improve on their fundamental technique.

Melody Bennett
Olivia Hunter
Calvin Johnson
Harper Pardue
Eve Johansson
Lauren Dreubert
Jordan Garner

MInhtri Dao
Lucas Falvey
Jason Nguyen

Coen Stribling
Gabriel Cross
Matthew Pena
Brisa Guzman
Josh Hawkins


About 75% of incoming 9th graders who take the audition begin their Bowie Orchestra career in the Sinfonietta Orchestra. Students in this orchestra know 3rd position and vibrato. This group also includes 10th-12th graders. The Sinfonietta Orchestra plays at what is considered to be a 5A Varsity Orchestra Level.

Suha Ajaz
Melissa Ortiz
Emiliano Martinez
Donovan Cooksey
Jacqueline Padron
Maddie Mullins
Heidi Burnes
Tilley Wooten
Ryan Soon

Riley Soffera
Dylan Shahid-Russell
Addie Kelm
Sophie Fellinger
Sofia Davis

Julia Holkan
Micah Roukbieu
Dustin Cleveland
Riley Redmer
Karyme Avendano
Noah Dougherty
Kara Kaiser
Jackson Whittington
Nolan Wiley
Harper Maines
Israel Chavez

Joseph Kitchen

Celeste Lopez


This ensemble is advanced. Students who enter this Orchestra are already playing in 3rd position and above. Violas should be able to read treble clef and cellos should be able to play in tenor clef. This Orchestra performs at a 6A Varisty Level. Students are mostly in the 10th-12th grades. There is a mandatory after school rehearsal every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 for the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Entry to this orchestra is by audition only.

Liam Foster
Mallory Hartono
Joey Chen
Griffin Hummel
Althea Sobrevega
Corey Tondre
Gabriela Catalina McCarthur
Jonathan Lin
Hannah Salz
Sofia Shaw

Asher Chang
Ava Lee
Griffin Carlin
Jonathan Davis
Joshua Ferretiz

Anna Franklin
Ress Thomas
Christopher Woodford
Daniel Sinton
Raylie Soliz
Phillip Nguyen
Minh Tam-Dao
Timothy Vu
George Escamilla
Corey Madden
Emma McMillan

Sam Keenan
Delaney Holliman


This is the most advanced orchestra at Bowie High School. It is composed mostly of 11th and 12th grade students. In an average year there are five or fewer 9th graders in this group. Students in this group are playing in 3rd-7th positions, violas are able to sight-read in treble clef, and cellos are able to sight-read in tenor clef and play in treble clef. This orchestra regularly plays professional level repertoire. There is a mandatory after school rehearsal every Tuesday from 4:30-6:00 for the Symphony Orchestra.

Entry to this orchestra is by audition only.

Noble Speer
Chloe Yoo
Lily Ruxer
Finn Waldo
Evelyn Alvarado
Reiser Johnson
Mitchel Ready
Erin Cain
Adrian Ferretiz
Julian Gillespie
Cyrus Scholes

Ayaka Chao
Milo Chrudimsky
Xingyi Zhu
Bethany Cleveland
Jordan Douglass
Emmy Traugott

Robert Kitchen
Lauren Vaughen
Will Gum
Audrey Wiley
Diego Scalone
Jack Cannon
Maddox Brown
Greg Neubauer

Iris Carpenter
Greg Sturdevant
David Moreno