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About the Director

Jarred Kennedy is a multifaceted musician, distinguished for his skills as a conductor, educator, and accomplished violinist. With a well-rounded musical background, Mr. Kennedy is dedicated to enriching the classical music landscape in central Texas.

Mr. Kennedy is deeply committed to music education, mentoring aspiring musicians and nurturing their artistic growth. As the Director of Orchestras at James Bowie High School in Austin, Texas, he plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of musicians.

As a conductor, Mr. Kennedy demonstrates remarkable skill and artistry, leading various ensembles with dynamic interpretations that captivate both musicians and audiences alike. His talents have been recognized, earning him invitations to conduct prestigious ensembles, including the National Music Festival Orchestra, Sewanee Music Center, and Cascade Orchestra. Notably, Mr. Kennedy made his Central Texas debut in 2022 with the Williamson County Symphony. In 2023 he will debut with the Austin Civic Orchestra.

Besides his accomplishments as a conductor, Mr. Kennedy is also a well-established violinist, contributing his talents to esteemed ensembles such as the Austin Symphony, Waco Symphony, Round Top Festival Orchestra, South Arkansas Symphony, Longview Symphony, Temple Symphony and the Colour of Music Festival Orchestra.

During his free time, Mr. Kennedy enjoys engaging in various activities, including playing PlayStation 5, cooking meals with his partner, and exploring the bass as a new instrument in the local community orchestra. Beyond music, he also holds the esteemed rank of Second-Degree Black Belt in Karate and participates in competitive tournaments across Texas.

Orchestra Officers

2023-2024 School Year

Will Gum


Milo Chrudimsky


Diego Scalone

Vice President

Gabriela Catalina McCarthur

Director's Assistant

Emmy Traugott

Social Media Manager